Small Shift cover collageSmall Shift believes everyone has the right to belong. We exist to support people to build a sense of belonging to their local places and community. Our goal is for everyone in every neighbourhood to have the invitation to contribute to their neighbourhood by taking small, tiny shifts.

Yes, we want civic contribution to be the norm. So let’s go DIO (Do-It-Ourselves, way better than DIY!) in our shared spaces.

The Small Shift Model

Small Shift is a social enterprise that trains and inspires communities to create beautiful, meaningful and unique spaces in their neighbourhood. We use DIO projects as a vehicle to build community resilience, social trust and employment pathways.

1. Soft entry to employment: Small Shift hires people who face tough challenges getting jobs for various reasons including mental illness, injury, disability, trauma, social capital, digital illiteracy and lack of formal education. Small Shift’s crew are upskilled, mentored, paid and supported to lead.

2. Neighbours working together: locals of different backgrounds and abilities volunteer to deliver a DIO project together, and build a strong social network in their neighbourhood.

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Unlock Human and Place Potential What’s the impact of creating citizen-led, inclusive cities? How are urban developments responding to or neglecting our very human traits — think loneliness, empathy and self-determination and many others. This documentary explores urban inequity that we face today, global practices that we can learn from and the purpose of our work.