Small Shift cover collageSmall Shift believes everyone has the right to belong. We exist to support people to build a sense of belonging to their local places and community. Our vision is for everyone in every neighbourhood to have the invitation to contribute to making their neighbourhood better by small, tiny shifts. We achieve this vision by:

  1. Providing consultancy services: strategic placemaking, activation and community engagement and development services through the lens of social inclusion for property developers and governments.
  2. Delivering DIO (Do-It-Ourselves) activation projects: supporting locals to re-imagine and create their shared spaces together in their neighbourhood, and creating employment pathways for people facing barriers to employment including mental illness, disability, trauma, social capital, digital illiteracy and lack of formal education. Small Shift’s crew are upskilled, mentored, paid and supported to lead.

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Unlock Human and Place Potential What’s the impact of creating community-led, inclusive cities? How are urban developments responding to or neglecting our very human traits — think loneliness, empathy and self-determination and many others. This documentary explores urban inequity that we face today, global practices that we can learn from and the purpose of our work.