combo-homeSmall Shift is a social enterprise that exists to support and connect citizens, local councils and landowners who want to create inclusive communities and self-sustaining cities.

Small Shift trains and inspires communities to build a positive relationship with their local public spaces and with each other. We do this by hiring people with barriers to employment and unlocking their potential to take the lead.

A small shift can restore people’s sense of belonging to their local place and community. Join our movement. Connect with us.

What’s the impact of creating citizen-led, inclusive cities? How are urban developments responding to or neglecting our very human traits — think loneliness, empathy and self-determination and many others. This documentary explores urban inequity that we face today, global practices that we can learn from and the purpose of our work.

At Vivid Ideas, here’s Julia Suh laying out why we need a new kind of city-making narrative — one that includes people on the margin. 

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