DIO Darlinghurst

What we now call the Small Shift Model was first piloted in Darlinghurst in 2015-2016, when Julia Suh (Urban Toolbox) partnered with Rough Edges, a community café for people experiencing homelessness. The project had over 30+ participants including members of the street community and local residents who contributed to mural painting, street library set-up and gardening. The positive impact of the project was measured through before-and-after surveys, interviews, behavioural studies and social media responses. The learnings from this pilot project and Julia’s Westpac Social Change Fellowship informed the operational and strategic plans for Small Shift.

With DIO Darlinghurst as a case study, this documentary explores urban inequity that we face today, global practices that we can learn from and the purpose of our work.
Taking advantage of the project location on a main street, we invited the public to be curious and engage with the project and the community.

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