DIO Telopea

In 2018 Julia Suh ran a crowdfunding campaign to support the implementation of a DIO (Do-It-Ourselves) project in Telopea, a suburb with multiple disadvantages. The aim was to improve a public space, bring the community together and build a ‘culture of doing’ and create employment pathways for people with barriers to employment. The community wanted to brighten up a public space at a neighbourhood shopping centre by painting a community mural.

The City of Parramatta Council and a community leader Fiona Cahill led community engagement. Aunty Kerrie Kenton, a Dhungutti and Darug artist, created the design named Warrami (welcome) Mural and guided the community to participate in the painting. The Council is intalling new furniture and signage to complete the project.

DIO Telopea crowdfunding campaign video
Before implementation (2018)
During implementation (2019)
Community painting day
Painting process
Painting process

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This project received support from the community and the City of Parramatta Council through the Parramatta Pitch for Good program.

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