combo1.pngSmall Shift trains and inspires local residents to tend to small shared spaces. Through on-site workshops and pilot projects, the local community is equipped with skills, local connections and online resources to lead positive changes in their neighbourhoods as they see fit in their own time.

Community Mobilisation: Share city-making resources and inspire community to participate and lead
– How-to Guides
– Letterbox drops
– Outreach and engagement

Training and Ideation: Work with local community to map assets and train them to initiate projects in their neighbourhoods
– Asset mapping
– On-site ideation
– Workshop facilitation
– Qualitative research

Design and Implementation: Design and implement improvements with the community
– Landscaping
– Mural painting & creative projects
– Outdoor furniture
– Book share

Place Strategies and Actions Plans: Design methodologies, collect and analyse data, generate insights and evidence to inform policy, projects and programs
– Impact measurement and analysis
– Place strategies and plans
– Advisory services and review panels